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E-Z-GO TXT Freedom/Fleet Winter Storage Instructions

Step 2:

Check the water level of each cell in each battery. Add water if necessary. Tap water is acceptable. Fill water only to water level indicator in each cell. Use a flashlight to help locate water level.

Step 6:

Remove the cable(s) from the post and place the ends away from the post so that it will not come back in contact with the post. Place the battery nut on top of the battery, or thread it back on the post. 

Step 5:

Using a 9/16" wrench (some may require a 1/2" wrench) remove the nut from the negative battery post of the battery located in step 4 (the post is labeled -NEG)

NOTE: There may be more than one wire on this post. Remove all wires from this post at this time.

2008-2014 E-Z-GO RXV Winter Storage Instructions

To remove your golf car from storage simply place the cable(s) back on the post, tighten the nut, check water levels, charge the batteries, and begin using your golf car as normal. There may be a small spark when you place the cables back on the post. This spark is normal and it will not harm you or the golf car.

Step 1:

Place the key switch in the off position

Winter Storage Process

Step 3:

Fully charge the batteries. It is important to charge the batteries even if you believe the batteries are currently fully charged.

Remove the charger handle from the receptacle and plug it in one last time before storage. This "freshens" the charge prior to storage.

Step 4:

Unplug the charger from the golf car when charge is complete (a completed charge is indicated by a solid green LED on the front of the charger).

Now locate the battery in above picture for cable removal. The battery referenced in picture is the first battery on the driver's side in the row of three.

After Winter Storage

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