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Step 5:

New batteries are installed on electric golf cars (As Shown).

Oil change and service work is completed on gas golf cars.

Step 4:

When dry the golf car is returned to our lift, and the entire frame and suspension is painted fresh.

At this point the golf car is completely serviced. 
If gas powered the engine, clutches and rear end are serviced. 

We are now starting with a clean fresh platform to build your golf car

Step 7:

The new front body is placed on the golf car.

The re-assembly process continues, using new genuine E-Z-GO parts.

The famous: LeisureTime Golf Cars Reconditioned Golf Car

This unmatched process of reconditioning is a favorite among pre-owned golf car buyers.

Follow along as our professional staff takes a pre-owned golf car and turns it into a customized ride!

Step 2:

The golf car is then striped down- the original seats, top and body are removed from the golf car. Leaving just the frame

All reconditioned golf cars leave with a written warranty from LeisureTime Golf Cars, 1 year Limited LTGC warranty. If it is a electric golf you get 1 year on Trojan batteries are issued based on what year the golf car that is.

Several completed examples of reconditioned cars can be found in Pre-Owned Cars Page.

Are you ready for your reconditioned golf car? E-MAIL US

Step 6:

A new E-Z-GO body in your color choice, is placed on the golf car. These are brand new bodies from the factory.

Reconditioning Process

Step 8:

The golf car is completed to your specifications.

New seats, or new seat upholstery are finished, along with new bumpers, rocker panels, ect. 

At this step all accessories are added to your liking.

Step 3:

The golf car is rolled to our washbay and every inch of the golf car is steam cleaned.
(If electric powered the batteries are removed for this step)

Step 1:

A quality golf car is selected from our 
pre-owned inventory

The year of the golf car is selected to fit your budget

You can choose either gas or electric

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